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Analysis: Trace averaging by frame list

A single bin is set up for each trace in the "Trace # list". All frames in the "Frame list", which fall in the range to be analysed, are added in to obtain a single average for each trace. Deleted frames, and frames whose tag values are not in the "Tag list" are excluded.

This analysis method can also be used to view raw traces; just set the "Frame list" to select a single frame, and set the "Trace # list" to select the traces you want to see. The traces are shown in numerical order, and any repetitions in the list are ignored.

If your current run is a run of already averaged data, you can still perform this averaging. The total number of sweeps shown takes into account the number of sweeps already averaged into each frame in the run. The "Start of run" and "End of run" parameters have no effect here, since frames of averaged data have no inherent "time of occurrence."


Key sequence  Parameter Initial Value
<Esc>ATF  Analysis method  Trace averaging by frame list
<Esc>SF  Run file  ?
<Esc>SRS  Start of run  0 msec
<Esc>SRE  End of run  2.14748e_08 msec
<Esc>SRD  # of deleted sections  0
<Esc>ST  Tag list  All
<Esc>SCID  Phase selection delay  0 msec
<Esc>SCIW  Phase selection window  0.1 msec
<Esc>SATF  Frame list  All
<Esc>SATT  Trace # list  All
<Esc>SAP  Preview averaged data  N
<Esc>SDD  Graph description  ""
<Esc>SDSA  Auto scale  Y
<Esc>SDSXS  X scale bars  Y
<Esc>SDSYS  Y scale bars  Y
<Esc>SDTI  Interpolation  Y
<Esc>SDTX  Extend interpolation  Y
<Esc>SDTR  Display relative levels  N
<Esc>SDTS  Display std dev  N
<Esc>SDTT  Top title display  Y
<Esc>SDUL  Sample units  mV
<Esc>SDUT  Time units  msec


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