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Parameter: Interpolation

Full name: Linear interpolation of data points
Parameter type: Y or N
Initial value: Y

Affects: most graphs, trace and waveform averaging, raw waveform display

This option specifies whether linear interpolation should be performed on the displayed data. If disabled, only the data points are shown. If enabled, the data points will be shown, and will be interconnected by line segments.

A separate option, "Plot Interp.", controls interpolation for plotter output. It is enabled by default, since you normally wouldn't want to plot individual dots on the pen plotter (especially if there are a lot of data points). Yet another option, "W.F. Interpolation", controls interpolation for waveforms displayed for visual parameter setting.

If the "Extend interpolation" option is disabled, the program interpolates only between points that are shown on the graph, and completely ignores points that are clipped out because they are too high or too low. This may give certain graphs a very "broken" appearance. If both the "Interpolation" and the "Extend interpolation" options are enabled, then the program will perform partial interpolation between clipped points; line segments are drawn toward these points, up to the top or bottom of the graph.

Note that large waveforms are displayed more quickly when interpolation is enabled, since the program can eliminate redundant points from the display.


Key sequence  Parameter Initial Value
<Esc>SDTI  Interpolation  Y


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