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Parameter: # of deleted sections

Full name: Number of sections (ranges) deleted from run
Range: [ 0, 32767 ]
Initial value: 0

Affects: all analyses

This parameter is not entered directly, but rather is changed whenever you delete sections from the run (add sections to the list), or re-insert sections (delete from the list).

Sections are deleted from the run visually, by placing markers on the displayed waveform indicating the ranges of time to be excluded from analysis. This is used when simply setting the "Start of run" and "End of run" won't exclude all the parts of the run than cannot be analysed.

These deleted sections are not physically removed from your run, but rather they are excluded from the analysis. How these sections are excluded varies from one analysis method to another, and may depend on your parameter settings. For example, for raw or averaged W.F. amplitude vs step cycle, W.F. activity start & stop time analysis, W.F. L.D.P. level vs cycle duration, and for any graph of something vs spike occurrence, entire cycles will be excluded if any portion of these cycles falls in a deleted section. For graphs of W.F. activity burst or spike train duration vs cycle duration, any burst with a deleted portion will be left out.

Most other analyses will only exclude the portions they need, on a sample-by-sample or sweep-by-sweep basis, if they fall in a deleted section. Any analysis using traces, and all waveform averages, will delete sweeps if their associated "Phase selection window" falls in a deleted section. Analyses using W.F. level measurements falling in the "W.F. amplitude window" will not take these measurements if any portion of this window is deleted.

Action potentials will be deleted individually if they fall in a deleted section, but some action potential analyses make use of waveform levels or use spike occurrence on the X axis, so the conditions above may apply. Finally, any spike interval or frequency graph will exclude any interval which overlaps, even partially, with a deleted section.

The Raw waveform display will show you the deleted sections as crossed-out boxes, if you have the "Display crossings" and "Display both crossings" options enabled.


Key sequence  Parameter Initial Value
<Esc>SRD  # of deleted sections  0


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