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Parameter: Time units

Full name: Units for time period display
Parameter type: units (per or sec)
Initial value: ms

Affects: most analyses, time parameter setting

Whenever time values are displayed, on graphs or during parameter setting, this option determines the units in which they are shown. It also determines the default units used for setting time parameters. You can set it to usec, msec, sec, or periods. Periods refer to sampling periods at the sampling rate of the current run. For example, if the sampling rate is 10 KHz, then 1 period is 0.1 msec or 100 usec.

When setting a time parameter, you can follow the number by one of the above unit specifiers, to override the current value. Actually, the specifiers "sec" or "per" (or just "s" or "p") can be preceded by any of "a", "f", "p", "n", "u", "m", "K", "M", "G" or "T", representing atto-, femto-, pico-, nano-, micro-, milli-, Kilo-, Mega-, Giga- or Tera-seconds or periods.


Key sequence  Parameter Initial Value
<Esc>SDUT  Time units  msec


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