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Parameter: Phase selection delay

Full name: Delay for cycle phase selection
Units: sec or per
Range: [ -2 gp, 2 gp ]
Initial value: 0 p

Affects: all trace analyses and waveform averages

The parameters "Phase selection delay" and "Phase selection window" indicate a range of points, relative to the time of some event which triggers the inclusion of a sample or sweep in the analysis. This range of points must fall entirely within a specific phase in order for this event to be included in the analysis. The positive or negative delay is an offset from the time of the event, and the window is the total length of this selection range.

For example, if you set this delay to -5 ms, and this window to 10 ms, for "W.F. averaging - spikes within cycle", then only spikes that fall well within a given bin in the cycle, plus or minus 5 ms, will be added to that bin. This is to avoid events that would span the boundary between two bins, whose inclusion would be ambiguous or incorrect.

Similarly, for "Trace averaging based on W.F. level", with the option "Active cycle phase only" enabled, you could set this delay and window to be the same as that used to capture the triggered traces, so only frames which fall entirely within the active phase of the cycle will be included. If that is too restrictive, you can set them to a certain relevant or critical subset of the frame window, to be assured that at least that subset always falls entirely in the active phase.

By default, only the trigger time must fall in the active phase, and only the trigger time determines which bin a frame falls in. Note that setting the window to a large value will exclude a lot of data from your analysis, and that this parameter affects a large number of different analysis methods.

For analyses that don't split up cycle phases, this phase window is simply used to determine whether a sweep (either a frame of triggered data or a waveform portion for a waveform average) falls in a deleted section of the run.


Key sequence  Parameter Initial Value
<Esc>SCID  Phase selection delay  0 msec


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