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Parameter: Run file

Full name: Run file name
Parameter type: file name, Size: up to 127 characters
Initial value: not set

Affects: all analyses

This parameter is the name of the run of data, captured by one of the capture programs, which is to be analysed. It is not usually set directly.

Normally, you use the "Load" operation to pick the parameter file to load, and the associated run file is selected. For new runs, you "Load" the run, and an associated parameter file will be created when you do the "Keep" operation.

If you want to apply an existing set of parameters to a different run file, then you can change this parameter. You should then "Keep" the parameters in a different parameter file, to avoid confusion later on.

For example, say you just analysed run001, and want to apply the same parameters (run001.prm) to run002.frm. You would Load run001, then set the "Run file" parameter to run002. Now, you should Keep your parameters as run002.prm, not as run001.prm. (If you kept the parameters as run001.prm, then the "Run file" parameter in that file would refer to run002.frm, so the next time you loaded run001.prm, you would actually be analysing run002, not run001.)

The program has some safeguards to help avoid such mistakes. If the run file you select has an associated parameter file, it will ask you if it should load it. If no such file exists, or you choose not to load it (e.g. if you want to apply the current parameters to the new run), then it will ask you if you want to change the current parameter file name. If you do, this will prevent you from forgetting to do so later when you Keep the parameters.

If you don't change the name, it will check to see if the parameter file and run file names are mismatched, and will warn you if a run file with the same name as the current parameter file exists. A similar check is done on Load and Keep operations.


Key sequence  Parameter Initial Value
<Esc>SF  Run file  ?


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