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July 11th & 12th, 2017

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July, 2017

The inaugural Will to Win Classic (W2W) in aid of spinal cord research was held in 1984. The monies raised by our participants and sponsors in those early years provided the opening for a group of research scientists to acquire matching funds. In 1987 this led to the establishment of the Spinal Cord Research Centre (SCRC) at the Bannatyne Campus of the University of Manitoba. Through the past 33 years your participation has created the opportunity for the SCRC to enlarge its research endeavours.

In 2015 we began another five year commitment. The SCRC has a worldwide reputation for the study of spinal cord function and regeneration at the cellular level. Our goal was to create a new human spinal cord research laboratory at the SCRC. This lab will marry the basic science research with the study of how neurons within the human spinal cord contribute to movement. The ultimate goal is to develop new rehabilitation and training strategies to maximize function after spinal cord injury.

We are thrilled to report that the funds generated from our past W2W major donors and current Premiere sponsors were leveraged as part of a Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) proposal for the creation of this new lab at the SCRC. The CFI is the premiere organization in Canada for the monetary support of new and cutting-edge research. During institutional peer review, the development of this human research facility was given high priority by the University of Manitoba. This project is being led by Drs. Kristine Cowley and Katinka Stecina, both past W2W Scholars, who were attracted to Winnipeg with the backing of your donations.

Looking to the future, this year we have established a new partnership with Research Manitoba to award the first W2W Ph.D. studentship. This financial award is a critical component for the training of the next generation of spinal cord scientists. With your support, we plan to expand this program and fund a second studentship.

Without your involvement throughout these years none of this could have been accomplished. As in the 1980’s, the W2W funds are the “seed money” for exciting advances in our endeavours to aid in spinal cord research at the SCRC.

Thank you, once again. We hope 2017 is as successful as the past 33 years.

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