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Waveform Parameter: Spike display window delay

Full name: Delay to start of window for spike display
Units: sec or per
Range: [ -2 gp, 2 gp ]
Initial value: -5 ms

Affects: expanded display of single-unit spike data

To help you visually identify different spikes in a waveform by their shape, the program shows an expanded view of the spikes. The "Spike display window size" selects the total time displayed across the screen's X axis, and the "Spike display window delay" selects the time (positive or negative) at which the spike display begins, relative to the spike trigger time. The delay should be negative, so you can see the signal a little before the actual onset of the spike.


Key sequence  Parameter Initial Value
<Esc>Wn<CR>SSUOD  Spike display window delay  0 msec


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