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Parameter: Percent of cycle active

Full name: Percent of normalized cycle which is active
Range: [ 0, 100 ]
Initial value: 0

Affects: all analyses that use normalized step cycles

This parameter controls separate normalization of active and inactive phases of cycles. If set between 1 and 100, it determines which percentage of the normalized cycle will represent the active phase of cycles analysed, with the remaining percentage for the inactive phase. If set to 0, active and inactive phases are not separated, and cycles are scaled linearly regardless of where activity ends within each cycle.

This parameter only affects analyses in which normalization is performed, and has no effect otherwise. Normalization can be disabled for graphs using the "Normalization" option, but cycles are always normalized for trace or waveform averages based on cycle phase.

If you also set the "Base cycle selection on stop time" parameter, then the roles of the start and end markers are reversed, and the analysis will treat the inactive phase as the active phase. Thus, you can get around the restriction on the value of 0 percent, by setting it to 100 percent and using stop time to trigger cycles, to get an analysis consisting entirely of the inactive phase.


Key sequence  Parameter Initial Value
<Esc>SCP  Percent of cycle active  0


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