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Analysis Help
Parameter: Max W.F. section

Full name: Maximum length of time per waveform section
Units: sec or per
Range: [ 0, 2 gp ]
Initial value: 5 sec

Affects: waveforms displayed when setting parameters visually

When displaying long waveforms on the screen, it is often necessary to display it in several sections, so that the data points are not too "scrunched" together. This parameter should be set to the maximum length of time that can be displayed in one continuous section, and still present useful visual information. Waveforms longer than this will be broken into sections, which will be displayed on the screen, stacked vertically. The trade-off is that vertical display resolution is lost as the number of sections increases.

For example, with a 5 second value for this parameter, a 12 second waveform would be displayed in 3 sections of 4 seconds each. One third of the display height would be used for each section. The resolution at which each section is displayed can be limited by setting the "Display resolution" parameter.

You can still use the pointing device to set parameters visually on one of these split screen displays: the program figures out which section you are pointing to based on the height of the cursor.

As the initial value for this parameter is not appropriate for very long runs (resulting in too many sections being displayed), the analysis program now calculates a larger initial value for this parameter when the run length exceeds 25 seconds, to limit the waveform display to 5 sections or less.


Key sequence  Parameter Initial Value
<Esc>SDWT  Max W.F. section  5000 msec


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