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July 8th & 9th, 2014

Manitoba Paraplegia Foundation:
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E.A. Braid, C.M., Q.C.

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Ron Burky

Dr. Jan Brown
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Golf Committee:

Russ Saladin

Dr. Wayne Acheson
Dr. Jan Brown
Ray Cadieux, F.C.A.
Gerry Hodson
Grant Johnson
Bob Mazur
Duncan McCaig
Russ Saladin
Charlie Scott
Rick Scott
Cam Thompson

July, 2014

The 2014 Will to Win Classic is celebrating its 31st year this July. The charity golf tournament has raised over $2,000,000 for spinal cord research. These funds contributed significantly to the establishment of the Winnipeg Spinal Cord Research Centre (SCRC) 27 years ago. It is a world renown centre maintaining a high profile and international reputation in spinal cord research. In 2013, the SCRC’s Will to Win Spinal Cord Research Symposium, in honor of Dr. Larry Jordan, was held in Winnipeg. Scientists and experts from around the world attended this highly respected international conference.

In 2009 the Will to Win Classic established a 5 year commitment to raise $700,000 to fund the creation of a “gifted professorship.” This allowed the SCRC to recruit a research scientist from the “best and brightest” in the world. Dr. Kristine Cowley was awarded this position. Her knowledge and research, along with her peers has made significant progress in spinal cord research. The Will to Win Classic is proud of this fulfillment.

Today the SCRC is in a position to play a leading role in the development of a human spinal cord facility research centre. Going forward with the knowledge established, the SCRC needs to develop new software and analysis tools in order to continue research with human testing. This is an exciting new endeavor.

The Will to Win Classic has been approached for ongoing financial support for human infrastructure personnel. There is a need for funding to maintain the required expertise in equipment design, modification and maintenance.

Will to Win Classic is excited to kick start this new initiative for the SCRC with the proceeds from the 2014 Will to Win Classic golf tournament.

The Will to Win committee members would like to thank all sponsors and participants as you are the driving force in the continued development in spinal cord research. The funds donated by the annual golf tournament have been and continue to be extremely important to the evolution of the SCRC.

Russ Saladin, Tournament Chair

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