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SCRC Data Capture and Analysis Software - Tutorial 15

How to deal with Axoscope files for later import into FileMaker

AKA - Some notes from the Schmidt lab on file naming formats, location of raw files, converting from ABF to analysis files, using getrundata to extract time tag and other experimental details from Axoscope files.

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Preamble - these are some of the conventions and formats we decided to use in developing our version of the FileMaker database. Some of this information may be of use to other labs when considering or developing their own version of a FileMaker database, particularly for in vitro locomotor experiments, and so we have included it here.

N.B.: For best results, please make sure you are using version 20171101 or later of the SCRC analysis software, to have the latest updates to axon2run. This version can handle ABF2 format files from pClamp/Axoscope version 10.x, and will preserve the full 16-bit resolution of data in ABF1 or ABF2 files.

Uses the shell script getrundata, from our analysis script archive.

15.1. Naming conventions
15.2. Experiment folder format
15.3. Run name format
15.4. Location of raw data files
15.5. Adding the files to the FileMaker database
15.6. Conventions for entering experiment information in the time-tags

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