We are welcoming the following faculty members, students and staff to our research group:

Health, Leisure, and Human Performance Research Institute - HLHP Res Inst
(Faculty of Phys. Ed. & Rec. Studies - Fort Garry Campus)

Dr. Phillip F. Gardiner (Dir/CRC, HLHP Res. Inst, Adjunct Physiol)
Technician Kalan Gardiner (Physiology, Neuromuscular Plasticity lab)

Faculty of Phys. Ed. & Rec. Studies - Fort Garry Campus

Michelle Porter's lab:
New MSc student last year: Satoru Nakagawa

National Research Council - Institute of Biodiagnostics (NRC-IBD)

Dr. Kris Malisza (Adjunct Physiol)
Grad. student: Jane Lawrence (Physiol)

Patrick Stroman's lab:
Grad. students: Jennifer Kornelsen (Physiology) and Amanda Bergman (Physiology)

Internal Medicine and Health Sciences Centre

Dr. Alan Casey (Section of Rehab Medicine, Spinal Cord Injury Unit)

School of Med. Rehab. (Bannatyne Campus)

Dr. Brian MacNeil

Dean Kriellaars' lab:
Grad. students: Mike McMurray and Sheila McRae

St. Boniface Research Centre - Division of Neurovirology and Neurodegenerative Disorders (DNND).

Jonathan Geiger's lab:
Grad. student: Jeff Grant (Pharmacology)
Nick Shepel is now Postdoctoral Fellow with drs. Geiger and Glazner.
New last year: Lab Manager: Nichola Wigle
Technicians: Elena Zherebitskia, Vince Lobo and Michelle Queau

Gordon Glazner's lab:
Grad. student: Kelly James (Pharmacology)

Neuropathology Lab, John Buhler Research Centre

Mark Del Bigio's lab:
Grad student: Christopher Funk
Lab Asst: Osaama Khan
New last year: PhD student - Janani Balasubramaniam

Physiology (Bannatyne Campus)

Susan Shefchyk's Lab:
Dr. Dominique Derjean, PDF
Dr. Rob Buss, Visiting PDF

Jim Nagy's Lab:
Research Associate: Dr. Tahereh Shahi (neurosurgeon)
Grad student: Dr. Tejaswi Yerneni (dentist)
New last year: Technician Nora Nolette

Dr. Brent Fedirchuk's lab:
Grad. student: Jonathan Gilmore