SFN '99 Poster Presentation Schedule

Here is a list of posters being presented at the SFN Annual Meeting in Miami Beach, October 23-28, by the SCRC Winnipeg Group, and other Winnipeg presenters.

SCRC WINNIPEG GROUP (Total 13, plus 1 unable to present)

Date Time Place Authors Title Abst. #
Sun 24th 9:00 AM WW-28 Bashor DP and Jordan LM Computational neuroscience: a successful distance learning course 104.62
Mon 25th 3:00 AM BB-5 Garraway, SM, and Hochman, S Comparison of synaptic and cellular actions of serotonin, noradrenaline, dopamine and acetylcholine in deep dorsal horn neurons. 372.3
Tue 26th 10:00 AM X-26 Gosgnach, S, Quevedo, J., Fedirchuk, B, and McCrea, DA. Prolonged presynaptic inhibition of monosynaptic Ia EPSPs following fictive locomotion. 467.19
11:00 AM X-27 Quevedo, J, Fedirchuk, B, Gosgnach, S, Stecina, K, and McCrea, D. Comparison of locomotor related Group I disynaptic excitation in extensor and flexor motoneurones 467.2
1:00 AM V-17 Carlin, KP, Jones, KE, Jiang, Z, Jordan, LM, and Brownstone, RM. Dendritic L-type current in mouse spinal motoneurones. 562.13
4:00 AM V-16 Jiang, Z, Carlin, KP, and Brownstone, RM. Plateau potentials and wind-up in mouse spinal motoneurones 562.12
4:00 AM V-24 Jensen, P, Fedirchuk, B, and Jordan, LM. Targeting interneurons for patch clamp recording and neuronal tracing based on L-type CA2+ channel labeling in spinal cord slices 562.2
Wed 27th 9:00 AM X-18 Dai, Y, Bashor, D, Fedirchuk, B, and Jordan, LM. Motoneuron threshold hyperpolarization: alteration of population output predicted by a large scale simulation 664.1
9:00 AM QQ-26 Namaka, M, Cheng, KW, Ling, E, and Hochman, S. Postnatal dorsal root ganglia generate new neurons in culture 703.1
10:00 AM QQ-27 Kinsley, D, Namaka, MP, Sawchuk, M, and Hochman, S. Axotomy-induced cell proliferation and neurogenesis in postnatal dorsal root ganglia. 703.11
1:00 AM FF-41 MacDonald, SC, Simcoff, R, Jordan, LM, Cheng, KW, Dodd, JC, and Hochman, S. Oligodendrocytes derived from multipotent precursors express a cholinergic phenotype 810.1
1:00 AM Y-30 Machacek, DW, Garraway, SM, Shay, B, and Hochman S. Serotonin induces a long-lasting reflex facilitation in isolated rat spinal cord. 762.13
2:00 AM Y-19 Fyda* DM and Jordan*
Role of spinal monoaminergic systems in brainstem-evoked locomotion in the neonatal rat 762.2
4:00 AM Y-29 Shay, B, and Hochman, S. Serotonin depresses multisegmental sensory convergence and receptive field size in spinal cord neurons. 762.12


Date Time Place Authors Title Abst#
Sun 24th 1:00 AM DD36 Chris Sinclair, N Haughey, N Shepel, J Geiger, D Janigro, Parkinson Comparison of nucleoside transport in rat primary cortical astrocytes and C6 glioma cells 172.21
2:00 AM NN-9 Del Bigio, MR Calcium-activated proteolysis in white matter of rats with hydrocephalus 191.2
4:00 AM F-17 Hudzik TJ//Tuor Short- and long-term effects of hypoxia-ischemia in young brain II: behavioral assessment 129.16
Mon 25th 8:00 AM I-14 Hui-Jin Yan, T Hiebert, MC Xue, KE Jones, MR Del Bigio, J Peeling Tacrolimus improves behavioral recovery following intracerebral hemorrhage in rat 236.5
8:00 AM D-17 Othman Timothy, Lautt, Parkinson F Reduction of adenosine A1 receptor mRNA in rat cerebellum following in utero ethanol exposure 230.9
9:30 AM Room A101 Geiger JD, Sullivan PG, Mattson MP, Schmitt FA, Scheff SW. Creatine protects against cortical damage following traumatic brain injury in rats. [Slide presentation] 216.7
10:00 AM PP-28 Malisza K// Tuor Short- and long-term effects of hypoxia-ischemia in young brain I: MR imaging assessment 298.3
10:00 AM FF-5 Rigatto Henrique// JC Smith Stationary organotypic culture of the pre-Botzinger complex from the newborn rat 276.11
1:00 AM W-20 Bashor DP, Lin L, Young M, Davidson A, Lechner J Calibrating Renshaw recurrent inhibition in models of spinal motor circuitry 758.5
Wed 27th 9:00 AM DD-4 Harrigan TR, Wilson JR, Smyth DD, Chan SC Hyperthermia elicited by ICV moxonidine, but not UK-14304, in conscious rats 676.18
9:00 AM K-5 Mattson MP, Chan SL and Geiger JD. Presenilin-ryanodine receptor interactions: Roles in modulation of neuronal calcium homeostasis and in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's Disease. 641.2
Thu 28th 9:00 AM KK-4 Shepel PN and Geiger JD. Glutamate receptor activation increases tissue adenosine levels in rat brain striatum. 889.14

11:00 AM T-36 Bergen, Hugo Susceptibility to develop diet-induced obesity is increased by gold thioglucose 856.12

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