SFN '98 Poster Presentation Schedule

Here is a list of posters being presented at the SFN Annual Meeting in Los Angeles, November 7 - 12, by the SCRC Winnipeg Group, and other Winnipeg presenters.


Date Time South Hall Authors Title Abst. #
Sun 8th 8 - 9 E-35 Fleetwood, MacDonald, Sawchuk, Jordan, Brownstone Survival and differentiation of spinal cord stem cells transplanted into transected sciatic nerves of adult mice 33.1
2 - 3 D-3 MacDonald, Hochman, Cheng, Jordan Multipotent spinal neuroepithelial precursors can generate functional spinal motoneuron in vitro 122.22
1 - 2 O-2 Hochman, Garraway Modulation of primary-afferent evoked responses in rat deep dorsal horn neurons with serotonin receptor ligands 154.1
2 - 3 O-3 Garraway, Hochman Serotonin increases the incidence of primary afferent-evoked LTD in the deep dorsal horn of the neonatal rat spinal cord 154.2
Mon 9th 9 - 10 T-3 Bawa, Jones Do lengthening contractions represent a case of reversal in recruitment order? 264.18
1 - 2 R-8 MacLean, Schmidt Serotonin enhances the expression of NMDA receptor-mediated negative I-V slope conductance in mammalian spinal motoneurons 360.5
1 - 2 R-16 Carlin, Jiang, Rempel, Sawchuk, Brownstone Development of L-type calcium channels in postnatal mouse spinal cord motoneurones 360.13
1 - 2 R-24 Gosgnach, Quevedo, Fedirchuk, McCrea Tonic presynaptic inhibition of Ia afferents during fictive locomotion 361.1
2 - 3 R-9 Quevedo, Fedirchuk, Gosgnach, McCrea Modulation of group I disynaptic EPSPs in flexor and bifunctional motoneurons during fictive locomotion 360.6
4 - 5 R-7 Shefchyk, Paroschy Non-linear membrane properties in sacral sphincter motoneurons in the cat 360.4
Tue 10th 8 - 9 Q-14 Fedirchuk, McCrea, Dai, Jones, Jordan Motoneuron frequency/current relationships during fictive locomotion in the cat 454.13
9 - 10 Q-15 McCrea, Quevedo, Fedirchuk, Gosgnach, Schmidt Control of the step cycle by reflexes evoked from muscle and cutaneous foot afferents during fictive locomotion 454.14
10 - 11 E-74 Dai, Jones, Fedirchuk, Jordan Computer simulation: a study of excitability of the ct lumbar motoneurons during fictive locomotion 427.11
Wed 11th 8 - 9 H-30 Nance D, MacNeil, Greenberg Acute responses to endotoxin are not altered in ICE knockout mice 633.1
8 - 9 T-5 Stecina, Kendall, Bashor, McCrea Neural circuits modeling enhancement of motoneuron activity in cat ankle extensor muscles 654.5
9 - 10 H-31 Meltzer, MacNeil, Sanders, Grimm, Vriend, Jansen, Greenberg, Nance D The immunosuppressive effects of stress on splenic cytokine mRNA levels are mediated by adrenal dependent and independent mechanisms 633.2
10 - 11 T-32 Jordan, Dai, Fedirchuk, Jones, Bashor Recurrent inhibitory influences on motor activity in a computer model of spinal circuitry and during fictive locomotion in the cat 655.7
10 - 11 S-12 Jones, Wessberg, Vallbo Response characteristics of human muscle afferents during unrestrained wrist movements 652.15
11 - 12 T-24 Cina, Hochman Serotonin receptor pharmacology of the mammalian locomotor CPG; activation by a 5-HT7 receptor agonist in the isolated rat spinal cord 654.24
1 - 2 H-39 MacNeil, Jansen, Greenberg, Nance D Lipopolysaccharide induced cytokine responses in chronic spinal cord injured rats 737.5


Mon 9th 8 -9 Z-10 Taylor Mendarozqueta, Bergen The relative importance of melanocortinergic receptor in mediating the effects of leptin in genetically obese (ob/ob) mice
10 - 11 AA-4 Bergen, Mizuno, Taylor, Mobbs Resistance to diet-induced obesity is associated with increased hypothalamic POMC mRNA, decreased NPY mRNA, and increased leptin mRNA
Wed 11th 2 - 3 Y-3 Qiao, Malisza, Bascaramurty, Kozlowski, Del Bigio, Seshia, Tuor Partial reversal of white matter damage cuased by chronic vigabatrin treatment in immature rats
Thu 12th 8 - 9 V-19 Ning, Del Bigio, Malisza, Kozlowshki, Bascaramurty, Tuor Ultrastructural correlates of MRI changes following cerebral hypoxia/ischemia in 4-week-old rats

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