Neuronal Mechanisms for Generating Locomotor Activity

A New York Academy of Sciences Conference - March 20-23, 1998 - New York City

OUR UNDERSTANDING OF THE NEURONAL BASIS OF LOCOMOTION in higher vertebrates has progressed considerably in the past few years. Among the most important developments is a number of in vitro spinal cord preparations which enable researchers to study locomotor pattern generation from cellular and molecular perspectives. Some of these findings are beginning to be used in clinical applications on individuals with spinal cord damage. The latest developments in the neuronal basis for locomotion will be reviewed at this conference.

This conference will be of interest to researchers in neuroscience, neural networks, motor behavior and computational approaches, as well as clinical applications for spinal cord injuries.


Ole Kiehn, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Norio Kudo, University of Tsukuba, Japan
Ronald M. Harris-Warrick, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York
Hans Hultborn, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Larry M. Jordan, University of Manitoba, Canada


  • The Best Understood Simple Motor Systems
  • Neurotransmitter Control of Pattern Generating Networks
  • Modeling Approaches to Understanding Motor CPGs
  • Ontogeny & Phylogeny of Rhythmic Motor Activity
  • Principles for Spinal Locomotor Generation in Higher Vertebrates
  • Relation Between Afferents & Central Pattern Generators
  • Molecular Determinants of Pattern Generator Components
  • Clinical Aspects of Locomotion and Rehabilitation


Yuri I. Arshavsky
Hughes Barbeau
Deborah J. Baro
Robert E. Burke
Jean-René Cazalets
Milan R. Dimitrijevic
Joseph R. Fetcho
Barry Ganetzky
Sten Grillner
Elzbieta Jankowska
Paul S. Katz
Anders Lansner
Eve Marder
Steven L. McIntire
David A. McCrea
Shigemi Mori
Michael O'Donovan
Keir G. Pearson
Alain M. Privat
Alan Roberts
Serge Rossignol
Brian J. Schmidt
Allen I. Selverston
Karen A. Sigvardt
Keith Sillar
John Steeves
Paul S.G. Stein


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