List of American Organizations Providing Referral
Information re. S.C.I. Research and Rehabilitation


American Paralysis Association 1-800-225-0292
Kent Waldrep National Paralysis Foundation 1-800-925-2873
National Association of Rehabilitation 1-703-648-9300
National Rehabilitation Association 1-703-836-0850
National Rehabilitation Information Center 1-800-346-2742
National Spinal Cord Injury Association 1-617-441-8500
National Spinal Cord Injury Hotline 1-800-526-3456
Neuro Physical Therapy, Reseda, CA 1-818-708-8559
NeuroMuscular Research Center, Boston Univ. 1-617-353-9757
Paralyzed Veterans of America 1-800-424-8200
Reeve-Irvine Research Center 1-714-824-1379
Spinal Cord HOT LINE 1-800-526-3456
Spinal Cord Society 1-218-739-5252
The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis 1-305-243-6001
The University of Wisconson
Neuromuscular Retraining Center
telephone not listed
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