Gilles Detillieux

Systems Analyst, Physiology

416 BMSB
(204) 789-3576


As the only systems analyst for the entire Spinal Cord Research Centre, you can imagine I keep fairly busy. Although I work for everyone in the Centre, most of my salary is paid by Dr. David McCrea, so he's the man I call "boss." (Actually, I call him "Dave.") I also do a lot of work for Drs. Larry Jordan (my former supervisor), Brent Fedirchuk, Phillip Gardiner, Brian Schmidt, Kristine Cowley, and Katinka Stecina, who, like Dave, do electrophysiology research using Linux-based A/D capture and analysis systems.

Apart from developing and maintaining custom software for data acquisition and analysis on these systems, I also maintain the SCRC and Physiology Ethernet network, which now includes about 200 nodes (8 Linux boxes, 22 Macs, 25 networked printers, 1 networked digital storage scope, and oodles of Windows PCs). I'd be lost without the valuable assistance of our electronic technician, Matt Ellis, who handles the lion's share of the PC support work, in addition to the construction and maintenance of much of our lab equipment. Yes, our electronic technician does some software work too, and I've been known to pick up a soldering iron from time to time. There are those who'd say we make a pretty dangerous pair.

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