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SCRC Data Capture and Analysis Software - Tutorial 22

Converting CED Spike2 or Signal files to SCRC waveform data

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Note: (November 2017 update) While most of this tutorial describes a method of data conversion that is still effective, in most cases it will be quicker and easier to convert CED Spike2 .smr data files directly into runfiles using the new smr2run conversion script, included in the latest version of the analysis software, and also available from our analysis script archive. The smr2run program will convert all original "Adc" waveforms from the .smr files, as well as processed waveforms stored in the .smr file in the "RealWave" format. It will not convert spike markers or other event timing data, nor will it convert analyzed waveforms stored as alternate versions in the .S2R resource files: e.g., if waveform 6 appears in its original form in Spike2, as well as a waveform 6a which has been processed in Spike2, only the original waveform is converted. If you need to convert waveforms which you can view in Spike2, but which smr2run does not recognize and convert, you will have to export these as text and convert using sptxt2run as described in this tutorial.

Uses the shell script sptxt2run, from our analysis script archive.

Convert using smr2run
Using sptxt2run: Export CED data as text
Caveats on data export
Conversion on Linux command line
Caveats on multiple sections from one .smr file

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