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SCRC Data Capture and Analysis Software - Tutorial 18

You Otta Be In Pictures! Making a movie from data using Analysis

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Uses the sample data set taedlmov. Version 20020426 or later of SCRC Software needed.

18.0. Overview
18.1. In Linux, select a runfile and load into the analysis program.
18.2. In Linux, use the rawwfplt program to create the individual frames of the movie.
18.3. In Linux, generate an audio file from one of the WFs in the runfile.
18.4. Transfer the video and audio files to the Windows platform.
18.5. In Windows, examine the wave file (audio) using the Soundforge program.
18.6. In Windows, use the Platypus Animator program to create the movie.
18.7. OTHER movie handling notes.

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