Tutorial 12 Camera “how to” information

CAMERA file management and how to use it information

1. Taking pictures with camera

2. Editing the channel definitions (pre experiment)

3. Edit prn files (post experiment)

3. Zip and transfer files

4. Viewing pictures

5. Printing all the pictures

How to zip the files and transfer them for backup?

How to update the PRN files of CAMERA?

 The CAMERA program collects the names of the channels that are associated with the stimulus channels (if they are correctly updated and correspond to the channel configuration during the actual experiments) but the program does not collect the strength of stimulation. The strength for each channel can be entered the following way:

1. using a spreadsheet program (i.e. Microsoft Works or Excel) open the *.prn file that has been collected by CAMERA. Note that CAMERA always gives the filename based on the date of the data collection–there will be 1 file per day with several pictures taken. Always open the prn file as a spreadsheet, or as a dos txt file (tab & comma delimited text file format) depending on the version of the spreadsheet program you are using.

2. After opening the prn file, you should see columns and rows with information in them. The first row should contain the headers for the information entered for all the pictures collected.

Enter the strength information for stimulators 1-3 on all of the lines where it is appropriate.

3. Save the edited file in a comma delimited (text and comma or .csv) format.

4. Move the edited and saved file into another directory and rename it so it has a “.prn” ending. For example, if you had 020423.csv it would be called 020423.prn after the renaming.

5. Copy the *.dat file from its original directory into the directory where you saved the edited prn file. Now you should have 2 files with the same name but different extensions (*.dat and *.prn) in the same directory. Only if they are together in the same directory can you open them with Vupic.

How to zip the files and transfer them for backup?

To transfer the files to backup storage, you will have to zip the files first.

How to view CAMERA files?

            To view the pictures taken with the CAMERA program, you will have to use the VUPIC program.

1. Open VUPIC and select the data menu. From this menu, select Open and hit enter. You will see all the files listed in the default directory. Once you found the file you would like to open, just highlight it and hit enter. You will not see it open up rigth then!!

2. Select the

How to print all the pictures collected in a file?

You should open the file and