SCRC Data Capture and Analysis Manual Pages

addwfs2run(1)  addwfs2run - add waveform data from other runs to a run file
analysis(1)  analysis - data analysis, averaging and graphing
appendrun(1)  appendrun - append data from one run file to another
asc2run(1)  asc2run - convert ascii text voltage values to a run file
avgspfrq(1)  avgspfrq - calculate average spike frequencies for last spikes in burst
axon2run(1)  axon2run, atf2run - convert Axon Instruments binary or text files to run files
bin2run(1)  bin2run - convert old bin files to new averaged run files
burstareas(1)  burstareas - calculate area under curve for bursts in run
burstbars(1)  burstbars - convert cycle start and end markers to burst bars in plot
calibrate(1)  calibrate - record calibration information
cap(1)  cap - interactive data capture program
cavg(1)  cavg - combined capture and averaging
chanmon(1)  chanmon - combined capture and averaging
convfrm(1)  convfrm - convert old format run files to new format
copyrun(1)  copyrun, renamerun - copy or rename run files
crosscorr(1)  crosscorr - calculate Pearson's cross-correlation from time-series data
dat2run(1)  dat2run - convert Cromix AVG files to new averaged run files
dsepr(1)  dsepr, dcap, qcap, dsepavg, dcavg, qcavg - capture data from A/D, separate into frames, and average
emuhpgl(1)  hpgl2exp, hpgl2mcd, xhpgl, hpgl2psc, hpgl2ras, hpgl2xpm, hpgl2svg, replot, dashpens - emulate HPGL for output to other devices
fixcal(1)  fixcal - adjust calibration information in run headers
fixdepths(1)  fixdepths, showdepths - interpolate missing depths for isopotential mapping
fixhpsp(1)  fixhpsp - fix up HP plotter spooler
fixprsp(1)  fixprsp - fix up line printer spooler
frmfile(5)  frmfile - frame file format
frmsel(1)  frmsel - select frames for analysis
ftype(1)  ftype - extended file type command
genplot(1)  genplot, makeplot - generate X-Y plots in HPGL, from files of numbers
gensspp(1)  gensspp - generate a start-stop analysis polar plot file
getrundata(1)  getrundata - get data for experiment database from run files
getsplat(1)  getsplat - extract and merge spike latencies from multiple traces
getwfdata(1)  getwfdata - generate an ASCII dump of waveforms with downsampling
gpsras(5)  gpsras - graphics processing system raster file format
hardcopy(1)  hardcopy - HP 7550A plotter spooler
hpgl2gif(1)  hpgl2gif, hpgl2ppm, hpgl2bmp, hpgl2png, hpgl2tiff, hpgl2pdf, hpgl2cps - convert HPGL plot file to GIF, PPM, BMP, PNG or TIFF image, PDF or colour PostScript file
isopot(1)  isopot - generate isopotential contour maps
isoprep(1)  isoprep, isoparms - prepare captured data for isopotential mapping
joinnum(1)  joinnum - join two-column files of numbers into one file, keyed on first column
layout(1)  layout - HPGL graphic layout editor
lsrun(1)  lsrun, dumprun - list run files and run header contents, or frame contents
mannwhitney(1)  mannwhitney - perform a nonparametric Mann-Whitney test on 2 sets of angular data
mergelo(1)  mergelo - merge layout files
neuro(1)  neuro - data capture and analysis for neurosciences
peel(1)  peel - exponential peel analysis
proa2run(1)  proa2run - convert ProAnalyst export text file to runfile format
qm(1)  qm, qmf - obtain quick measurements from captured data
ras2xbm(1)  ras2xbm - convert gpsras bitmap images to XBM format
raster(1)  raster - pseudo-3D raster graph
rawwfplt(1)  rawwfplt - generate a series of raw waveform plot files
salvagerun(1)  salvagerun - attempt to salvage an incomplete run from an aborted capture
sdump(1)  sdump, sdumpopt - graphics terminal screen dump
selectlp(1)  selectlp - select lp printer device type
smr2run(1)  smr2run - convert Spike2 .smr (SON) format file to a run file
spfrqpeel(1)  spfrqpeel - calculate time constant for spike frequency curve
spfrqramps(1)  spfrqramps - calculate spike frequency and current min/max for current ramps
stickfig(1)  stickfig - generate stick figure from ProAnalyst's exported limb coordinates
trimfrms(1)  trimfrms - copy run file while trimming each trace in the frames
vfconv(1)  vfconv, vfedit - Hershey font file conversion and editing
wf2tr(1)  wf2tr - convert a runfile with only waveforms to one with traces
wf2wav(1)  wf2wav, wf2mp3, wf2dsp - convert runfile waveform into WAVE or MP3 file or sound output
wfampls(1)  wfampls - export and plot waveform amplitudes for normalized cycles in runs
wtsum(1)  wtsum - weighted sums of traces

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