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Analysis Help
Parameter: Y-axis W.F. #

Full name: Waveform number for Y-axis of start/stop time graph
Range: [ 0, 99 ]
Initial value: not set

Affects: W.F. activity start & stop time analysis

This parameter selects which waveform's activity markings will be used for the Y-axis data on this graph. You will have to mark up the start and stop times for cycle or spike activity for this waveform. These activity markings are a part of the waveform parameter file associated with the waveform.

Next, set the "Base Y on stop time" and "Base Y on spike trains" options to the appropriate values for the type and time of activity of interest on this waveform.

Since the start or stop times are calculated relative to the start of the cycle in which they occur, you will also have to set the "Cycle W.F. #", and its related cycle markers. The "Y-axis cycle offset" can be set to change how the program determines with which cycle a start or stop time is associated.


Key sequence  Parameter Initial Value
<Esc>SMSYW  Y-axis W.F. #  ?


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