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Analysis: W.F. spike train duration vs cycle duration

The duration of spike trains on the waveform selected by the "Spike W.F. #" is displayed with respect to the duration of cycles on the waveform selected by the "Cycle W.F. #". A point is plotted for each spike train on the former waveform, which falls into one of the cycles of the latter waveform in the selected range to be analysed. If the option "Base spike stats. on start" is enabled, the start of the train, rather than the end of the train, is used for the purpose of determining in which cycle a particular spike train falls, and where it falls within the cycle.

The "Burst cycle offset", "Burst duration type", "Relative burst durations", "Flip durations", "Burst positions in cycle", "Second W.F. bursts" and "Second W.F. trains" parameters have the same effect as in the "W.F. activity burst duration vs cycle duration" graph.


Key sequence  Parameter Initial Value
<Esc>AGAD  Analysis method  W.F. spike train duration vs cycle duration
<Esc>SF  Run file  ?
<Esc>SRS  Start of run  0 msec
<Esc>SRE  End of run  2.14748e_08 msec
<Esc>SRD  # of deleted sections  0
<Esc>SCW  Cycle W.F. #  ?
<Esc>Wn<CR>SCV  Cycle crossings  ?
<Esc>SCS  Base cycles on stop time  N
<Esc>SCT  Base cycles on spike trains  N
<Esc>SSWN  Spike W.F. #  ?
<Esc>Wn<CR>SS  W.F. spikes  ?
<Esc>SSWA  Base spike stats. on start  N
<Esc>SMBC  Burst cycle offset  0 msec
<Esc>SMBD  Burst duration type  0
<Esc>SMBR  Relative burst durations  N
<Esc>SMBSC  Second W.F. bursts  N
<Esc>SMBST  Second W.F. trains  N
<Esc>SLSWN  Second ampl. W.F. #  0
<Esc>Wn<CR>  Second W.F. activity  ?
<Esc>SMBF  Flip durations  N
<Esc>SMBV  Burst positions in cycle  N
<Esc>SGN  Normalization  Y
<Esc>SCP  Percent of cycle active  0
<Esc>SDD  Graph description  ""
<Esc>SDM  Main graph title  ""
<Esc>SDGG  Graph type  Adaptive
<Esc>SDGD  Diamond symbol size  5
<Esc>SDGT  Graph tag symbol  ""
<Esc>SDSA  Auto scale  Y
<Esc>SDSR  Round out scale bars  Y
<Esc>SDSXS  X scale bars  Y
<Esc>SDSYS  Y scale bars  Y
<Esc>SDSXL  Min X  0
<Esc>SDSXU  Max X  0
<Esc>SDSYL  Min Y  0
<Esc>SDSYU  Max Y  0
<Esc>SDTT  Top title display  Y
<Esc>SDUT  Time units  msec


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