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Parameter: W.F. avg delay

Full name: Delay to window for W.F. averaging
Units: sec or per
Range: [ -2 gp, 2 gp ]
Initial value: 0 p

Affects: all waveform averaging, W.F. spike correlation histograms

To perform waveform averaging, the continuous signal on each waveform must be broken down into sweeps of some length. The sweeps are added to obtain one or more averages for each waveform. For spike correlation, it is also necessary to break one waveform into sweeps, triggered by action potentials on the same waveform, or on another waveform.

The parameter "W.F. avg window" controls the duration of each sweep, and "W.F. avg delay" is a positive, zero or negative offset from the time the sweep is triggered to the time the sweep's window begins.

The same parameters also control the delay and size of sweeps in the "Retrigger" operation.


Key sequence  Parameter Initial Value
<Esc>SAWD  W.F. avg delay  0 msec


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