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Analysis: W.F. averaging - spike occurrence in cycle

A number of bins are set up for each waveform in the "W.F. # list", corresponding to individual action potentials, or spike occurrences, in the cycles. For example, 10 bins represent the first 10 action potentials in each cycle. A sweep is triggered for each of these action potentials, and added into its corresponding bin. The window and delay are set as they are for spike triggered averages.

The "Spikes to skip" parameter can be set to indicate how many spikes to ignore at the beginning of each cycle. If it were set to, say, 5, then 10 bins would represent the sixth to the fifteenth actions potentials. If the "Reverse spike occurrences" option is then enabled, the 10 bins would represent the fifteen down to the sixth action potentials from the end of the cycle.


Key sequence  Parameter Initial Value
<Esc>AWBS  Analysis method  W.F. averaging - spike occurrence in cycle
<Esc>SF  Run file  ?
<Esc>SRS  Start of run  0 msec
<Esc>SRE  End of run  2.14748e_08 msec
<Esc>SRD  # of deleted sections  0
<Esc>SCW  Cycle W.F. #  ?
<Esc>Wn<CR>SCV  Cycle crossings  ?
<Esc>SCS  Base cycles on stop time  N
<Esc>SCT  Base cycles on spike trains  N
<Esc>SCID  Phase selection delay  0 msec
<Esc>SCIW  Phase selection window  0.1 msec
<Esc>SSWN  Spike W.F. #  ?
<Esc>Wn<CR>SS  W.F. spikes  ?
<Esc>SSWS  Spikes to skip  0
<Esc>SSWR  Reverse spike occurrences  N
<Esc>SAWL  W.F. # list  All
<Esc>SAWD  W.F. avg delay  0 msec
<Esc>SAWW  W.F. avg window  ?
<Esc>SAB  # bins- avg  ?
<Esc>SAP  Preview averaged data  N
<Esc>SDD  Graph description  ""
<Esc>SDSA  Auto scale  Y
<Esc>SDSXS  X scale bars  Y
<Esc>SDSYS  Y scale bars  Y
<Esc>SDTI  Interpolation  Y
<Esc>SDTX  Extend interpolation  Y
<Esc>SDTO  Overlay bins  N
<Esc>SDTR  Display relative levels  N
<Esc>SDTS  Display std dev  N
<Esc>SDTT  Top title display  Y
<Esc>SDUL  Sample units  mV
<Esc>SDUT  Time units  msec


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