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Analysis: W.F. L.D.P. level vs cycle duration

The "locomotor drive potential" amplitude on the waveform selected by the "Amplitude W.F. #" is plotted with respect to the duration of cycles on the waveform selected by the "Cycle W.F. #". A point is plotted for each complete cycle. The L.D.P. for each cycle is calculated as the difference between the minimum and maximum levels measured on the former waveform. The parameters "W.F. amplitude delay" and "W.F. amplitude window" indicate a range of points, relative to the highest or lowest point in the cycle, used to obtain an average level reading for the maximum or minimum part of the cycle. The parameters "Min W.F. amplitude" and "Max W.F. amplitude" can restrict the voltage levels allowed in the analysis to a smaller range.

If the "Preview averaged data" option is enabled, the calculated minimum and maximum levels are displayed as markers on the waveform. You can use the cursor to move the markers to the levels you desire, to correct the L.D.P. calculation. When you exit the preview display, the complete graph is shown. If this option is set, and you are repeating the "Go" operation when the graph does not need to be recalculated, the program will ask you if you want to recalculate it anyway, and if not, whether you want to review the calculated levels.

If the "Show time on X-axis" option is enabled, the usual X-axis is overridden by the cycle start times. In other words, the graph becomes one of L.D.P. amplitude versus time of cycle occurrence in the run.

If the "Flip L.D.P. and duration" option is enabled, the usual X and Y axes are transposed, giving you a graph of cycle duration versus L.D.P. amplitude. If the "Flip L.D.P. and duration" option and the "Show time on X-axis" option are both enabled, the graph becomes one of cycle duration versus time of cycle occurrence.


Key sequence  Parameter Initial Value
<Esc>AGWL  Analysis method  W.F. L.D.P. level vs cycle duration
<Esc>SF  Run file  ?
<Esc>SRS  Start of run  0 msec
<Esc>SRE  End of run  2.14748e_08 msec
<Esc>SRD  # of deleted sections  0
<Esc>SCW  Cycle W.F. #  ?
<Esc>Wn<CR>SCV  Cycle crossings  ?
<Esc>SCS  Base cycles on stop time  N
<Esc>SCT  Base cycles on spike trains  N
<Esc>SLWN  Amplitude W.F. #  0
<Esc>SLWRL  Min W.F. amplitude  -80000 mV
<Esc>SLWRU  Max W.F. amplitude  79997.6 mV
<Esc>SLWD  W.F. amplitude delay  0 msec
<Esc>SLWW  W.F. amplitude window  0.1 msec
<Esc>SAP  Preview averaged data  N
<Esc>SDWT  Max W.F. section  5000 msec
<Esc>SMLF  Flip L.D.P. and duration  N
<Esc>SMLT  Show time on X-axis  N
<Esc>SGR  Regression degree  0
<Esc>SDD  Graph description  ""
<Esc>SDM  Main graph title  ""
<Esc>SDGG  Graph type  Adaptive
<Esc>SDGD  Diamond symbol size  5
<Esc>SDGT  Graph tag symbol  ""
<Esc>SDSA  Auto scale  Y
<Esc>SDSR  Round out scale bars  Y
<Esc>SDSXS  X scale bars  Y
<Esc>SDSYS  Y scale bars  Y
<Esc>SDSXL  Min X  0
<Esc>SDSXU  Max X  0
<Esc>SDSYL  Min Y  0
<Esc>SDSYU  Max Y  0
<Esc>SDTI  Interpolation  Y
<Esc>SDTX  Extend interpolation  Y
<Esc>SDTT  Top title display  Y
<Esc>SDUL  Sample units  mV
<Esc>SDUT  Time units  msec


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