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Waveform Parameter: Virtual W.F. link code

Full name: Virtual W.F. link code
Range: [ 0, 299 ]
Initial value: 0

Affects: all functions and analyses that use waveforms

This code is not entered directly, but rather is changed whenever you Set or Reset the Virtual-W.F.

You can only set this parameter when the current waveform (i.e. the one for which you are setting W.F.-activity) does not exist as a real waveform in the run file. You are first asked for the number of the W.F. to be linked. Any function or analysis that is asked to use the current waveform will use the one you specify here instead. You have to specify the number of a real W.F., as the program can't chain virtual W.F. links.

You are then asked if you want to differentiate the W.F. on the fly. If you answer Y, the program will differentiate the selected W.F. automatically when the current W.F. is requested. This can save disk space by eliminating the need to store differentiated waveforms. If you answer N, the program will give the selected W.F. as-is when the current W.F. is requested. This is useful when you want to set up two or more independent waveform parameter settings for the same waveform.

Because the selected W.F. is not copied, if it is ever changed or removed, the link to it will become unusable, or will yield different W.F. data. When viewing waveform calibration information, the links will be indicated, in the effective rate column, with the label "link to WF #" or "diff of WF #". These links will only work in the analysis program -- no permanent changes are made to the run file itself that would carry over to other programs -- but the link will be saved with the waveform parameters for future use in analysis.

The code is composed of the two parameters you set: numbers in the range 100-115 are regular virtual links to waveforms 0-15, and numbers in the range 200-215 are virtual links to differentiated data for these waveforms. A zero indicates no link. However, you do not enter these numbers in directly, but rather you specify the waveform number from 0-15.


Key sequence  Parameter Initial Value
<Esc>Wn<CR>SV  Virtual W.F. link code  0


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