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Parameter: Trace ampl. ref. regression degree

Full name: Polynomial degree for regression in trace reference window
Range: [ -1, 20 ]
Initial value: 0

Affects: all trace amplitude graphs

This parameter tells the program whether to calculate a sloped reference level in the "Trace ampl. ref window", rather than searching for a maximum level or a minimum level, or calculating a flat average level. Curvilinear regression can be performed by setting this parameter to the degree desired: 0 for no regression, 1 for linear regression, 2 for quadratic, etc. (up to 20). A regression line or curve will be calculated as the reference level for each frame, and this sloped line or curve will be subtracted from any amplitude measurements taken in that frame.

If the degree is set to -1, a linear slope is taken between the two endpoints of the reference range, ignoring points in between.


Key sequence  Parameter Initial Value
<Esc>SLTWD  Trace ampl. ref. regression degree  0


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