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Parameter: Trace ampl. integration

Full name: Integrate (sum up) points in sample window
Parameter type: Y or N
Initial value: N

Affects: all trace amplitude graphs

When this parameter is set to N, as it is initially, the program searches the "Trace ampl. point window" (if one is specified) for a maximum or minimum level. This is repeated for every frame included in the graph.

If you set it to Y, then the program sums up the points in that range instead. For each frame, the reference level is determined first, in the usual way. Then the program takes every point in the "Trace ampl. point window" and subtracts the reference level. The sum of these differences is taken as the sample value for the frame.

Note that this parameter will also override the "Average trace ampl. sample" option.


Key sequence  Parameter Initial Value
<Esc>SLTWI  Trace ampl. integration  N


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