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Waveform Parameter: Spike upper threshold

Full name: Upper threshold for peak of waveform spike
Units: V or A/D
Range: [ -32767 A/D, 32767 A/D ]
Initial value: not set

Affects: automatic selection of single-unit spike data

This parameter is used only when automatically setting single-unit data, to further eliminate spikes not rejected by the basic threshold-hysteresis-discriminator spike detection algorithm.

Unlike the first "Spike threshold" parameter, which determines the onset time of the spike, the upper threshold is a second, higher level that the spike much reach in order to be accepted. If the signal returns to the hysteresis level without having reached the upper threshold, the spike is rejected.

If the hysteresis is positive (above the threshold), the program will search for negative going spikes. In this case, the concepts of "rise" and "fall" are reversed, so the upper threshold selects how low the signal must dip between the onset and the time the hysteresis level is crossed.


Key sequence  Parameter Initial Value
<Esc>Wn<CR>SSUU  Spike upper threshold  0 mV


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