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Analysis Help
Parameter: Second ampl. W.F. #

Full name: Second waveform # for Y-axis amplitude measurement
Range: [ 0, 99 ]
Initial value: 0

Affects: W.F. level vs W.F. level graphs, burst or train duration vs cycle duration

For graphs of W.F. level vs W.F. level, this parameter selects the waveform where the measurements will be taken for the Y-axis. The "Second min W.F. ampl." and "Second max W.F. ampl." parameters can then be used to limit the range of levels included in the graph.

For graphs of burst duration, the end of a burst or train is taken from this second waveform's parameters when the "Second W.F. bursts" or "Second W.F. trains" option is selected.


Key sequence  Parameter Initial Value
<Esc>SLSWN  Second ampl. W.F. #  0


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