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Analysis: Raw waveform display

All waveforms in the "Raw W.F. # list" are displayed for the range selected by the parameters "Start of run" and "End of run". The waveforms are shown in the order specified in the list, and repetitions are allowed. If the "Display crossings" option is enabled, markers on the display will show where the cycles start, provided that the "Cycle W.F. #" parameter has been set, and the cycle related waveform parameters for that waveform have also been properly set. Similarly, if the "Display cycle lengths" option is enabled, the cycle lengths are indicated at the bottom of the display. If the "Display both crossings" option is enabled, in addition to the "Display crossings" option, then a second set of slightly smaller markers will also show the end of activity in each cycle.

If the "Calculate overlap" option is enabled, the program calculates the total amount of time in which the activity on each waveform overlaps with activity on the waveform selected by the "Cycle W.F. #". This amount is shown as a percentage of the total "on" time of these cycles, on the line above each waveform in the display. The activity for each waveform is measured from the cycle activity bursts, if these have been set for this waveform, or the spike activity trains otherwise. If neither is set, the line will remain blank.

There is no corresponding "Raw trace display," since this can be accomplished with "Trace averaging by frame list."

It is possible to get raw waveforms and a raw trace displayed together, by enabling the "Mark frame positions on W.F." option. The top quarter of the display will be used to display sweeps from the trace selected by the "Amplitude trace #". The sweeps are displayed vertically, and the first point of each sweep is lined up with the time (on the waveforms below) at which the frame containing the sweep was triggered. Deleted frames, and frames whose tag values are not in the "Tag list" are excluded. If the trace selected by the "Amplitude trace #" doesn't exist, the frame positions are indicated, but no sweeps are shown.


Key sequence  Parameter Initial Value
<Esc>AR  Analysis method  Raw waveform display
<Esc>SF  Run file  ?
<Esc>SRS  Start of run  0 msec
<Esc>SRE  End of run  2.14748e_08 msec
<Esc>SRD  # of deleted sections  0
<Esc>SWL  Raw W.F. # list  All
<Esc>SWM  Display crossings  N
<Esc>SWB  Display both crossings  N
<Esc>SWC  Display cycle lengths  N
<Esc>SCW  Cycle W.F. #  ?
<Esc>Wn<CR>SCV  Cycle crossings  ?
<Esc>SCS  Base cycles on stop time  N
<Esc>SCT  Base cycles on spike trains  N
<Esc>SWO  Calculate overlap  N
<Esc>SWA  Absolute time scale  N
<Esc>SWT  Min W.F. time scale  0 msec
<Esc>SDD  Graph description  ""
<Esc>SDSA  Auto scale  Y
<Esc>SDSXS  X scale bars  Y
<Esc>SDSYS  Y scale bars  Y
<Esc>SDTI  Interpolation  Y
<Esc>SDTX  Extend interpolation  Y
<Esc>SDTT  Top title display  Y
<Esc>SDUL  Sample units  mV
<Esc>SDUT  Time units  msec
<Esc>SWP  Partial W.F. resolution  N
<Esc>SDWR  Display resolution  0
<Esc>SDWM  Mark frame positions on W.F.  N
<Esc>SDWL  Last trace only  N
<Esc>SDWH  Trace display height  0
<Esc>SLTN  Amplitude trace #  0
<Esc>ST  Tag list  All
<Esc>SDWP  Plot pens for W.Fs.  ""


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