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Parameter: Number list format

Full name: Format of numbers or number pairs for Bins-save
Parameter type: character string, Size: up to 63 characters
Initial value: not set

Affects: "Bins-save" operation for all graphs

If your current analysis method is a form of graph, the "Bins-save" operation allows you to see the numeric values used to generate the graph, and to save these numbers in an ASCII text file. By default, only the Y-axis values are saved, but you can change this string to indicate which values you want. This string will be output for each point in the graph, and any "x" or "y" in the string is replaced with the X or Y value for that point. For example:

    (x, y)\n

will cause each point to be output with the X and Y values in parentheses, separated by a comma, and a newline character after each closing parenthesis. The recognised backslash-character escapes are "\b" (backspace), "\f" (formfeed), "\n" (newline), "\r" (return), "\t" (tab), and "\" followed by up to 3 octal digits to specify a character numerically.


Key sequence  Parameter Initial Value
<Esc>SDN  Number list format  ""


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