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Waveform Parameter: Min. area under spike (A/D sum)

Full name: Minimum allowed area under spike from onset to baseline (A/D sum)
Range: [ 0, 2 billion ]
Initial value: 0

Affects: automatic selection of single-unit spike data

This parameter is used only when automatically setting single-unit data, to further eliminate spikes not rejected by the basic threshold-hysteresis-discriminator spike detection algorithm.

The signal is summed up from the spike onset, up to its baseline crossing. This sum represents the area under the spike. The sum is of displacements relative to baseline, and is positive even for negative-going spikes.

If the calculated area is less than the "Min. area under spike" or greater than the "Max. area under spike", the spike is rejected.

When this parameter is set visually, its value is shown not only as a sum of A/D displacements, but also in millivolt-seconds.


Key sequence  Parameter Initial Value
<Esc>Wn<CR>SSUSL  Min. area under spike (A/D sum)  0


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