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Parameter: Max window discr.

Full name: Filter window discriminator- maximum level allowed
Units: V or A/D
Range: [ -32768 A/D, 32767 A/D ]
Initial value: 32767 A/D

Affects: Filter operation

Before filtering, you may want to clip out spikes from the signal. Set the "Min window discr." and "Max window discr." parameters to the range of levels you want to keep in the signal. All data points in the waveform that are out of this range will be rejected, and replaced with the last valid point.

You also have to set this range, even if not clipping, if you have set the "Filter gain factor" to anything other than 1.

These parameters can be set visually, using the pointing device to set the levels.


Key sequence  Parameter Initial Value
<Esc>MFU  Max window discr.  32767 AD


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