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Waveform Parameter: Max. cycle discriminator

Full name: Maximum level shown for cycle selection
Units: V or A/D
Range: [ -32768 A/D, 32767 A/D ]
Initial value: 32767 A/D

Affects: waveform display for cycle activity marking

The "Min. cycle discriminator" and "Max. cycle discriminator" parameters are used to define a range of levels to accept from the waveform, when it is fetched and displayed for cycle activity marking. Any point which goes above the "Max." or below the "Min." will be rejected, and replaced by the last valid data value. This allows you to focus in on the range of interest, and ignore any large spikes the waveform may contain.


Key sequence  Parameter Initial Value
<Esc>Wn<CR>SCLU  Max. cycle discriminator  0 mV


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