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Parameter: Graph type

Full name: Graph (symbol) type code for data graphs
Parameter type: graph type (Adaptive, Bar, Dot, Symbol)
Initial value: Adaptive

Affects: all graphs

This parameter determines how data points will be drawn on the graph. If Bar is chosen, the values are shown as vertical bars from the bottom of the graph, up to the level indicated by each value. If Dot is chosen, the values are shown as single dots. If Symbol is chosen, the values are shown as diamond symbols, whose size can be changed by the "Diamond symbol size" parameter.

If Adaptive is chosen, the type is automatically picked as one of the other three choices, based on context. Usually, it will be a dot graph. For graphs of averages, and some raw graphs, symbols will be used if there are less than 100 points. For analyses that normally produce frequency histograms, bars will be displayed if there are less than 400 bins.

For most dot and symbol graphs, the data points will be connected by line segments if the "Interpolation" option is enabled. For symbol graphs, you can replace the diamond symbol with a character label, by setting the "Graph tag symbol" parameter.


Key sequence  Parameter Initial Value
<Esc>SDGG  Graph type  Adaptive


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