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Analysis Help
Parameter: Graph tag symbol

Full name: Tag character to be used as graph symbol
Parameter type: character string, Size: up to 3 characters
Initial value: not set

Affects: all graphs where symbols are drawn

If you set this string, it will be placed as a vertically and horizontally centered label at each data point of the graph, instead of a diamond symbol. The centering will not usually look right on screen, but will be better for some characters on the pen plotter. This option is especially useful if the graph is to be edited in the "layout" program. The tag characters in the graph can be changed to use any character in the "+special" or "+symbol" font.

To clear this string, set it to a single space character. This will make the program revert to using diamond symbols.


Key sequence  Parameter Initial Value
<Esc>SDGT  Graph tag symbol  ""


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