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Parameter: Fixed W.F. level bins

Full name: Fix W.F. level bins to selected W.F. amplitude range
Parameter type: Y or N
Initial value: N

Affects: averaging, or averaged graphs, based on W.F. level

For analyses using bins representing W.F. amplitude (or W.F. level), if this option is enabled, then the "Min W.F. amplitude" and "Max W.F. amplitude" parameters will always define the range which is divided into bins, even if it exceeds the range of levels in the waveform.

Normally, i.e. with this option disabled, these two amplitude parameters only restrict the range, such that only level readings within these bounds will be included in the analysis. They do not enlarge it: if the W.F. amplitude parameters are beyond the range of voltage levels in the waveform, it is the measured range which is divided into bins, not the range defined by the parameters.

When setting the Min and Max W.F. amplitude parameters visually, if this option is enabled, the program will show how the selected range will be divided into bins. You must select the desired analysis method before doing this: if the current analysis method is trace or waveform averaging, the number of bins selected by the "# bins- avg" parameter will be shown, otherwise the "# bins- graph" parameter is used.


Key sequence  Parameter Initial Value
<Esc>SLWF  Fixed W.F. level bins  N


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