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Waveform Parameter: Cycle crossing delay

Full name: Minimum delay between cycle threshold crossings
Units: sec or per
Range: [ 0, 2 gp ]
Initial value: not set

Affects: automatic generation of cycle activity markers

When the associated waveform is scanned for cycle activity, the cycle measurement is controlled by the "Cycle threshold", "Cycle hysteresis", and "Cycle crossing delay". Cycle activity starts when the waveform rises above the threshold, and ends when it falls below the hysteresis level. Each half-cycle (active phase or inactive phase) must be at least as long as the "Cycle crossing delay".

After each positive or negative crossing, the program jumps ahead in the waveform, by the amount indicated by this parameter, before scanning for a crossing in the other direction. This is to avoid small ripples in the signal being treated as cycles themselves. If the "Strict triggering" option is enabled, crossings may be ignored if the signal is on the wrong side of the threshold after the program has jumped ahead.


Key sequence  Parameter Initial Value
<Esc>Wn<CR>SCD  Cycle crossing delay  0 msec


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