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Parameter: Corr. spikes after trigger

Full name: Number of spikes to correlate after trigger spike
Range: [ 0, 2 billion ]
Initial value: 2 billion

Affects: W.F. spike auto- or cross-correlation histogram

Each action potential on the waveform selected by the "Spike W.F. #", in the range to be analysed, triggers a "sweep" from the same waveform (auto-correlation), or the waveform selected by the "Spike corr. W.F. #" (cross-correlation). The window and delay for these sweeps are set as they are for spike triggered averages. Each sweep window is itself scanned for spikes, which are counted in the bins in which they occur.

You can limit the number of spikes counted in each sweep, to a certain number allowed before the sweep was triggered (if using a negative delay), and a certain number allowed after the sweep was triggered. This is done by setting the parameters "Corr. spikes before trigger" and "Corr. spikes after trigger".

For example, if this parameter is set to 5, and 7 spikes occur after the triggering spike, only the 5 closest to the trigger are counted.


Key sequence  Parameter Initial Value
<Esc>SSCA  Corr. spikes after trigger  2147483647


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