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Parameter: Active cycle phase only

Full name: Measurements during active phase of cycle only
Parameter type: Y or N
Initial value: N

Affects: trace analyses using associated W.F. levels, trace avg by tag,     W.F. spike vs W.F. level graphs

For the "Trace averaging based on W.F. level" or "... based on tag value", and the Raw and Averaged "trace amplitude vs W.F. level", step cycle information is usually ignored. The frames (and the associated waveform level readings) are included in the analysis regardless of cycle phase.

If you set this parameter to Y, you will also have to set the "Cycle W.F. #", and mark up the cycles for that waveform. Then, only frames occurring in the active phases of cycles (between the start and end of activity markers) will be included. Frames occurring after the end marker, and before the next start marker, will be ignored. The entire portion of the frame selected by the "Phase selection delay" and "Phase selection window" parameters must fit in the active phase for the frame to be included.

For W.F. spike graphs, the phase selection window is not used. The "Action potential vs W.F. level histogram" will only count spikes occurring in the active phase, and graphs of raw or averaged inter-spike interval or instantaneous frequency vs W.F. level will only include inter-spike intervals which fit entirely in the active phase, when the "Active cycle phase only" option is enabled.

If you also set the "Base cycle selection on stop time" parameter, then the roles of the start and end markers are reversed, and the analysis will include only frames or spikes in the inactive phase.

For analyses that use normalised step cycles, this active phase option has no effect. Instead, you can set the "Percent of cycle active" parameter to 100, to limit the analysis to the active phase.


Key sequence  Parameter Initial Value
<Esc>SLTA  Active cycle phase only  N


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