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Maintenance: Gen.-trigger

This selection allows you to regenerate a trigger signal as a waveform, based on the trigger times and tags in frames. This waveform can then be used for certain analyses based on waveform spikes. The current run file must be a run of raw data, and it must contain frames for this operation to work.

You are first asked whether to include deleted frames. If these frames had been deleted due to false triggering, you will likely want to exclude them. Otherwise, they should probably be included.

You are then asked for the number of the new waveform to be created. If this waveform already exists, it is erased. The program then generates a trigger signal on this waveform, at the sampling rate at which the run was captured. It will include 1 ms trigger pulses at the times the frames were triggered, each one followed by a 2 ms encoded level representing the tag value for the frame. See dsepr(1) for more information about tagging on the trigger signal.


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