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Analysis Help

The Maint selection allows you to perform various operations on the run file or the waveform files. Some of the selections here bring you to another menu, where you can set various parameters for the operation.

The choices are:

Blanking, to blank out certain sections of a waveform that coincide with the occurrence of spikes on it or another waveform;

Change-descr., to edit or replace the run description;

Differentiate, to calculate the differential of a waveform;

Erase-W.F., to delete a waveform;

Filter, to perform digital filtering on a waveform;

Gen.-trigger, to regenerate a trigger signal waveform;

Link-W.F., to create a new link to an existing waveform;

Make-W.F., to regenerate a trace signal as a waveform;

Reframe, to create a new set of spike-triggered frames from waveforms;

Select-frames, to run the frmsel program; and

Trim, to trim the run to a smaller size.


Menu Selection Action Performed
Blanking Create a W.F. with blanked out intervals
Change-descr. Change the run description for the current run
Differentiate Calculate the differential of a waveform
Erase-W.F. Erase a waveform
Filter Create a smoothed waveform by filtering
Gen.-trigger Regenerate a trigger signal waveform from frames
Link-W.F. Create a link to a waveform
Make-W.F. Create a waveform from a trace, using frame data
Quit Return to previous menu
Reframe Spike-trigger a new set of frames
Select-frames Invoke frmsel program to select frames
Trim Trim run to current analysis range


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