Volume 860
November 16, 1998

Neuronal Mechanisms for Generating Locomotor Activity

Editors and Conference Organizers

This volume contains papers presented at a conference entitled Neuronal Mechanisms for Generating Locomotor Activity, which was sponsored by the New York Academy of Sciences and held in New York City on March 20-23, 1998.

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Part I. Presentation of Some of the Best Understood Simple Motor Systems

Vertebrate Locomotion-A Lamprey Perspective. By STEN GRILLNER, DAVID PARKER, and ABDELJABBAR EL MANIRA

Central Circuits Controlling Locomotion in Young Frog Tadpoles. By ALAN ROBERTS, S. R. SOFFE, E. S. WOLF, M. YOSHIDA, and F.-Y. ZHAO

Basic Principles for Generating Motor Output in the Stomatogastric Ganglion. By A. SELVERSTON, R. ELSON, M. RABINOVICH, R. HUERTA, and H. ABARBANEL

Analysis of the Central Pattern Generator for Swimming in the Mollusk Clione. By Y. I. ARSHAVSKY, T. G. DELIAGINA, G. N. ORLOVSKY, Y. V. PANCHIN, L. B. POPOVA, and R. I. SADREYEV

Part II. Principles for Spinal Locomotor Generation in Higher Vertebrates

How Do We Approach the Locomotor Network in the Mammalian Spinal Cord? By H. HULTBORN, B. A. CONWAY, L-R GOSSARD, R. BROWNSTONE, B. FEDIRCHUK, E. D. SCHOMBURG, M. ENRÍQUEZ-DENT0N, and M-C. PERREAULT

Initiation of Locomotion in Mammals. By LARRY M. JORDAN Chapter 488k PDF

Cerebellar-induced Locomotion: Reticulospinal Control of Spinal Rhythm Generating Mechanism in Cats. By SHIGEMI MORI, TOSHIHIRO MATSUI, BUNYA KUZE, MITSURU ASANOME, KARSUMI NAKAJIMA, and KIYOJI MATSUYAMA

Modulation of Information Forwarded to Feline Cerebellum by Monoamines. By E. JANKOWSKA, I. HAMMAR SIMONSBERO, and B. CHOJNICKA

Distribution of Central Pattern Generators for Rhythmic Motor Outputs in the Spinal Cord of Limbed Vertebrates. By OLE KIEHN and OLE KJAERULFF

Mechanisms of Spontaneous Activity in the Developing Spinal Cord and Their Relevance to Locomotion. By M. J. O'DONOVAN, P. WENNER, N. CHUB, J. TABAK, and J. RINZEL

Spinal Motor Patterns in the Turtle. By PAUL S. G. STEIN, MARGARET L. MCCULLOUGH, and SCOTT N. CURRIE

Part III. Neurotransmitter Control of Pattern Generating Networks

Distributed Effects of Dopamine Modulation in the Crustacean Pyloric Network. By RONALD M. HARRIS-WARRICK, BRUCE R. JOHNSON, JACK H. PECK, PETER KLOPPENBURG, AMIR AYALI, and JACK SKARBINSKI

GABAergic Control of Spinal Locomotor Networks in the Neonatal Rat. By JEAN-RENÉ CAZALETS, SANDRINE BERTRAND, YOUSSEF SQALLI-HOUSSAINI, and FRANÇla;OIS CLARAC

Neuromodulation Intrinsic to the Central Pattern Generator for Escape Swimming in Tritonia. By PAUL S. KATZ

NMDA Receptor-mediated Oscillatory Properties: Potential Role in Rhythm Generation in the Mammalian Spinal Cord. By BRIAN J. SCHMIDT, SHAWN HOCHMAN, and JASON N. MACLEAN

Part IV. Relation between Afferents and Central Pattern Generators

Enhancement and Resetting of Locomotor Activity by Muscle Afferents. By K. G. PEARSON, J. E. MISIASZEK, and K. FOUAD

Neuronal Basis of Afferent-evoked Enhancement of Locomotor Activity. By DAVID A. MCCREA Chapter 584k PDF

Part V. Modeling Approaches to Understanding Motor Central Pattern Generators

Frequency Control of a Slow Oscillatory Network by a Fast Rhythmic Input: Pyloric to Gastric Mill Interactions in the Crab Stomatogastric Nervous System. By EVE MARDER, YAIR MANOR, FARZAN NADIM, MARLENE BARTOS, and MICHAEL P. NUSBAUM

Modeling of the Spinal Neuronal Circuitry Underlying Locomotion in a Lower Vertebrate. By ANDERS LANSNER, JEANETTE HELLGREN KOTALESKI, and STEN GRILLNER

Analysis and Modeling of the Locomotor Central Pattern Generator as a Network of Coupled Oscillators. By KAREN A. SIGVARDT and WILLIAM L. MILLER

Intersegmental Coordination of Swimmeret Movements: Mathematical Models and Neural Circuits. By BRIAN MULLONEY, FRANCES K. SKINNER, HISAAKI NAMBA, and WENDY M. HALL

Part VI. Molecular Determinants of Pattern Generator Components

Differential Expression and Targeting of K+ Channel Genes in the Lobster Pyloric Central Pattern Generator. By DEBORAH J. BARO and RONALD M. HARRIS-WARRICK

Behavioral and Electrophysiological Analysis of Ca-activated K-channel Transgenes in Drosophila. By NIGEL S. ATKINSON, ROBERT BRENNER, RUDI A. BOHM, JOYCE Y. YU, and JENNETTE L. WILBUR

Part VII. Ontogeny and Phylogeny of Rhythmic Motor Activity

Reorganization of Locomotor Activity during Development in the Prenatal Rat. By NORIO KUDO and HIROSHI NISHIMARU

Development and Aminergic Neuromodulation of a Spinal Locomotor Network Controlling Swimming in Xenopus Larvae. By KEITH T. SILLAR, CAROLYN A. REITH, and JOE MCDEARMID

Zebrafish as a Model System for Studying Neuronal Circuits and Behavior. By JOSEPH R. FETCHO and KATHARINE S. LIU

Part VIII. Clinical Aspects of Locomotion and Rehabilitation

Pharmacological Activation and Modulation of the Central Pattern Generator for Locomotion in the Cat. By S. ROSSIGNOL, C. CHAU, E. BRUSTEIN, N. GIROUX, L. BOUYER, H. BARBEAU, and T. A. READER

Evidence for a Spinal Central Pattern Generator in Humans. By MILAN R. DIMITRIJEVIC, YURI GERASIMENKO, and MICHAELA M. PINTER

Does Neurorehabilitation Play a Role in the Recovery of Walking in Neurological Populations? By H. BARBEAU, K. NORMAN, J. FUNG, M. VISINTIN, and M. LADOUCEUR

Recovery of Locomotion following Transplantation of Monoaminergic Neurons in the Spinal Cord of Paraplegic Rats. By MINERVA GIMÉNEZ Y RIBOTTA, DIDIER ORSAL, DELPHINE FERABOLI-LOHNHERR, and ALAIN PRIVAT

Engines, Accelerators, and Brakes on Functional Spinal Cord Repair By JOHN D. STEEVES and WOLFRAM TETZLAFF

Poster Papers

Physiological and Molecular Characterization of Interneurons in the Developing Spinal Cord. By P. WENNER, M. P. MATISE, A. JOYNER, and M. J. O'DONOVAN

Statistical Analysis and Intersegmental Delays Reveal Possible Roles of Network Depression in the Generation of Spontaneous Activity in the Chick Embryo Spinal Cord. By JOEL TABAK and MICHAEL J. O'DONOVAN

Organization of Rhythmic Motor Patterns in the Lumbosacral Spinal Cord of Neonate Mouse. By AGNÈS BONNOT, DIDIER MORIN, and DENISE VIALA

Lumbar Spinoreticular Neurons in the Rat: Part of the Central Pattern Generator for Locomotion? By DAVID S. K. MAGNUSON, DEBORAH M. GREEN, and TOMOKO SENGOKU

Lumbar Interneurons Involved in the Generation of Fictive Locomotion in Cats. By KIYOJI MATSUYAMA and SHIGEMI MORI

Pattern Generators for Muscles Crossing More than One Joint. By DAVID P. BASHOR, YUE DAI, DEAN J. KRIELLAARS, and LARRY M. JORDAN Abstract 136k PDF

Coherence between Locomotor Drive Potentials and Neurograms of Motor Pools with Variable Patterns of Locomotion. By TAMARA V. TRANK, VLADIMIR V. TURKIN, and THOMAS M. HAMM

Motor Patterns for Different Forms of Walking: Cues for the Locomotor Central Pattern Generator. By JUDITH L. SMITH, PATRICIA CARLSON-KUHTA, and TAMARA V. TRANK

Segmental Afferent Regulation of Hindlimb Wiping in the Spinal Frog. By WILLIAM J. KARGO, MICHELLE R. DAVIES, and SIMON F. GISZTER

Crossed Reciprocal Inhibition and Scratch Rhythmogenesis in the Turtle Spinal Cord. By SCOTT N. CURRIE and GREGORY G. GONSALVES

Specificity of Neural Circuits that Inhibit Escape in Crayfish. By A. BERKOWITZ, E. T. VU, and F. B. KRASNE

Intestinal Peristalsis: A Mammalian Motor Pattern Controlled by Enteric Neural Circuits. By MARCELLO COSTA, GRANT W. HENNIG, and SIMON J. H. BROOKES

Comparison of NMDA-Induced Membrane Potential Oscillations and Spontaneous Rhythmic Activity in the Chick Spinal Cord. By N. CHUB, L. E. MOORE, and M. J. O'DONOVAN

GABAA, and GABAB, Modulations of Synaptic Transmission between L1-L2 Locomotor Network and the Motoneurons in the Newborn Rat Isolated Spinal Cord. By S. BERTRAND and J-R. CAZALETS

Influence of Glycinergic Inhibition on Spinal Neuron Excitability during Amphibian Tadpole Locomotion. By RAY PERRINS and S. R. SOFFE 472

A Novel Neurotransmitter System Involved in the Control of Motor Behavior by the Basal Ganglia. By M. CLARA SAÑUDO-PEÑA and J. MICHAEL WALKER

Localization and Modulation of Rhythmogenic Locomotor Network in the Mudpuppy (Necturus maculatus). By K. JOVANOVIC, J. CHENG, K. YOSHIDA, and R. B. STEIN

Computer Simulation of Rhythm-Generating Networks. By E. IGRAS, J. P. A. FOWERAKER, A. WARE, and M. HULLIGER

Evidence for Unstable Periodic Orbits in Intact Swimming Lampreys, Isolated Spinal Cords, and Intermediate Preparations. By S. LESHER, M. L. SPANO, N. M. MELLEN, L. GUAN, S. DYKSTRA, and A. H. COHEN

Modeling the Lowering of Motoneuron Voltage Threshold during Fictive Locomotion. By Y. DAI, K. E. JONES, B. FEDIRCHUK, S. KRAWITZ, and L. M. JORDAN Abstract 129k PDF

A Model of Sensorimotor Development Using a Neural Network. By J. J. VAN HEIJST and J. E. VOS

Group I Disynaptic Excitation in Flexor and Bifunctional Motoneurons during Locomotion. By JORGE QUEVEDO, BRENT FEDIRCHUK, SIMON GOSGNACH, and DAVID MCCREA Abstract 240k PDF

The Stumbling Correction Reaction during Fictive Locomotion in the Cat. By DAVID MCCREA, JORGE QUEVEDO, BRENT FEDIRCHUK, and SIMON GOSGNACH Abstract 14k PDF

Tonic Presynaptic Reduction of Monosynaptic Ia EPSPs during Fictive Locomotion. By SIMON GOSGNACH, JORGE QUEVEDO, BRENT FEDIRCHUK, and DAVID MCCREA Abstract 137k PDF

The Contribution of Cutaneous Inputs to Locomotion in the Intact and the Spinal Cat. By LAURENT J. G. BOUYER and SERGE ROSSIGNOL

Bilateral Integration of Sensorimotor Signals during Pedaling. By L. H. TING, S. A. KAUTZ, D. A. BROWN, H. F. M. VAN DER LOOS, and F. E. ZAJAC

Differential Effects of the Noradrenergic Agonist Clonidine on the Locomotion of Intact, Partially and Completely Spinalized Adult Cats. By NATHALIE GIROUX, EDNA BRUSTEIN, CONNIE CHAU, HUGUES BARBEAU, TOMÁS A. READER, and SERGE ROSSIGNOL

Kinematic Analysis of Recovered Locomotor Movements of the Hindlimbs in Paraplegic Rats Transplanted with Monoaminergic Embryonic Neurons. By M. GIMÉINEZ Y RIBOTTA, D. ORSAL, D. FERABOLI-LOHNHERR, A. PRIVAT, J. PROVENCHER, and S. ROSSIGNOL

Transplant-mediated Locomotion Is Improved by Selective Serotonergic Agonists. By D. K. YI, V. ADIPUDI, M. SHIBAYAMA, K. N. ANDERSON, K. J. SIMANSKY, and M. MURRAY

Stepping in Nonhuman Primates with a Complete Spinal Cord Transection: Old and New Data, and Implications for Humans. By JOEL A. VILENSKY and BRIAN L. O'CONNOR

Selective Activation and Graded Recruitment of Functional Muscle Groups through Spinal Cord Stimulation. By V. K. MUSHAHWAR and K. W. HORCH

Effect of Locomotor Training Related to Clinical and Electrophysiological Examinations in Spinal Cord Injured Humans. By G. COLOMBO, M. WIRZ, and V. DIETZ

Interlimb Coupling Patterns in Human Locomotion: Are We Bipeds or Quadrupeds? By RICHARD E. A. VAN EMMERIK, ROBERT C. WAGENAAR, and ERWIN E. H. VAN WEGEN

Effects of Long-term Use of Benzodiazepines on Gait and Standing Balance in the Elderly. By FUMIO ETO, IKUKO SAOTOME, TERUHITO FURUICHI, and MASUMI OGASAWARA

Corticospinal Function during Human Walking. By L. 0. D. CHRISTENSEN, N. PETERSEN, H. MORITA, and J. NIELSEN

Cortically Controlled Gait Adjustments in the Cat. By IRINA N. BELOOZEROVA and MIKHAIL G. SIROTA


Efferent Pathways Involved in the Running Activity Originate in the Ventromedial Hypothalamus of the Rat. By K. NARITA, T. MURATA, K. HONDA, M. NISHIHARA, T. HIGUCHI, and M. TAKAHASHI

Locomotion and Head Scanning Initiated by Hypothalamic Stimulation Are Inversely Related. By H. M. SINNAMON, M. E. KARVOSKY, and C. P. ILCH

Vestibulo- and Reticulospinal Control of the Extensor Half-Center in Locomotion. By HUGUES LEBLOND, ARIANE MÉNARD, and JEAN-PIERRE GOSSARD

Locomotor Behaviors in Generalized Convulsions Are Hierarchically Driven from Specific Brain-Stem Nuclei in the Network Subserving Audiogenic Seizure. By CARL L. FAINGOLD

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